Are you ready?

Are you ready for a natural disaster?  I know that I am not, I know that my home doesn’t have enough food or water to sustain myself, husband my son, let alone our dog, two cats and 10 chickens for longer then a day or two.  Living in Oregon, we are just several hours away from the ocean and just hours away from sleeping volcanos… yep we’re fucked if the earth finally decided to crack wide open, or spew hot ash and rocks on us!  The ring of fire is a wonderful, yet slightly scary place to call home.


I am trying to just be a responsible parent/pet owner/ adult here and I am starting to plan out and think that I should get ourselves organized a bit just in the event the “big one” comes.  But really we all should think about being more prepared, not in a crazy underground bunker way, but have enough food, supplies to last 3 days until who knows when.

Have you ever thought what if the bridges were unsafe to travel over, would my family be okay? Would we have any access to food, water, medical help, and my answer is nope, not even close…  I want to go more in-depth with this topic, and what we are doing to make sure that we will be okay in the event of an earthquake, or severe weather… government lock down?

I created this Pinterest board to get inspired and get a few ideas of what to put in an emergency kit.  I will be posting weekly on this subject, and sharing what we are doing to get organized in the event of a disaster.

On a side note I feel I need to say that I am just a normal mom who might worry too much, this is something I think about at night…


6 thoughts on “Are you ready?

    1. Yes, same here! I think in general we have it well in the Pacific Northwest, the idea of a disaster or being cut off from everyone isn’t even in our daily thoughts… I guess if we didn’t need our survival kit it could come in handy to gift to someone in need? There is a lot we can do to help ourselves and others.

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  1. I’m just starting to get set up with mine since we felt an earthquake a couple weeks ago. I totally feel a little foolish, but a 72 hour kit plus some extras is a sane option to begin with.


    1. I agree, I don’t think it’s too crazy to be minimally prepared for anything. The thing that has me a little on edge is that I have a 2 year old, I would be willing to suffer through a disaster, but as a parent that isn’t an option.

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  2. I agree wholeheartedly. Mine are 10 months, 3 and almost 5. It frightens me that I might one day have to care for them in a whole new way with actual first aid or something, but I’d much prefer be prepared to do it than not.

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