To new beginnings

I am really looking forward to the first day of spring.

On Friday, the first day of spring the day and night are equal in length also there is a lunar eclipse.  For me personally I really feel as if I am in the dawn of a new beginning.

I have brainstormed ideas, and projects I want to work on, one being I have started to work on a new blog.  I am not just a homesteader, I am a closet hippie, a metaphysical practitioner in training, crunchy momma, a starseed, a lightworker, a gardener, and healer.  I want to share more than the label I feel I have given this space.

Spring is the perfect time to get rid of what is no longer of service to us, and this blog isn’t where my heart is anymore.  I will post again when new site is up, if you wish to continue following me.


I have given it some thought and I will be changing this space a little bit, in the near future.  As we grow and learn more so do our interests and passions, and that is what makes blogging and the connections we make with others interesting.

Starseed- Starchild Tarot
I feel like I am still the fool on my lifes journey, but I am evolving.- Starchild Tarot Card





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