Lunar Flow

As I posted last week, I said I was starting courses to be a Metaphysical Practitioner.  Right now I am 100% doing this for myself and when I am through with my studies I will see where the road will take me.  I will say I do like the idea of sharing the knowledge I am learning, and the idea of helping others or teaching others does appeal to me.

I have been day dreaming of evolving into something I only thought was obtainable in my wildest of dreams.  But I am now seeing that my crazy wild dreams may become a reality, and it makes me feel amazing, so alive, and inspired to keep moving forward.

So, for this moon cycle I have set my intentions on my family, love, and just wanting to learn everything I can about the moon, and how it affects myself and my family. I have learned about our moon signs, I am a Virgo with a Gemini moon… the way I am is all starting to make more and more sense now.  We are into the first quarter now starting with the moon in Gemini and I am feeling very impulsive, and washy-washy.  Trying to stay focused, taking baby steps and making changes daily towards something bigger and better.



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