Marrigold Chamomile Seeds
Seeds I had saved for the 2015 season

Last fall I had saved these wonderful seeds.  I had the seeds tucked away with other seeds I had saved, I had even planned on sending some to a friend… to my disappointment when I took a peek at my seeds several days ago I noticed they all had molded over.  All of these beautiful little flower seeds moldy and sad-looking.  I wish I had an after picture to share my horrible surprise.

Looking back on how I dried them it shouldn’t have been a shock that they got moldy.  I think that I didn’t let them all dry properly before I put them in a bag (obviously).  It’s okay, I still have morning glories and dill I can plant saved by family… and dried properly.

And on the bright side I get to shop for more seeds and plants! Spring is a month away!!


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