Bulbs and Blossoms

The air is filled with a sweet smell of blossoms about to burst,  I wish I knew where and what plant was making such a wonderful aroma, the smell is really quite indescribable.  We have had warm 60º weather with lots of sunshine the last few days.  The grass has grown a foot in just a few days, and the maple bugs are out in full force it seems.

Our chicken coop is coming a long, we hung the doors for the chicken yard and the hen-house this weekend.  I  am crossing my fingers that we will finish the coop this coming weekend, and I will give you a chicken coop tour after then.

I hear that the back east they are having blizzards still… All I can think is how lucky I am living on the west coast (the best coast is what “they” call it).  All I know is that moving to where we are living now I have seen less fog, less clouds, less mud, more rain, more sun.  I believe moving just 11 miles away out of the valley was the best thing we have ever done.

Here are just a few pictures of the visions of Spring I am seeing, more signs have popped up after taking these.  More funny mushrooms, more blossoms, more bulbs, bugs, and birds are singing their songs to the trees.

Filbert Hazelnut Tree Oregon
From my Filbert tree (Oregon Hazelnut)
Blue Periwinkle Flower Vine
Iris Bulbs
Iris along the pump house
Tree Blossom
An apple blossom?
Tree Blossom
More apple blossoms?
Backyard in Winter
Part of the side yard with periwinkle vines growing like mad along the fence line.
Plum Blossom
Future plums!
Flower Bulb
A sweet lone crocus bulb in the middle of the front yard.

Flower Bulb Feet Rainboots Pacific Northwest

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