Salad Days

The good old days, you know, the days when you didn’t have a care or worry in the world.  I miss those days when my biggest decision of my day was do I want to watch Mr. Rogers or Reading Rainbow, or do I want to wear my big blue dress or my pink one?

Me in my big blue dress.

I miss the days of blissful innocence, and thinking that life was a fairy tale.

I just want to say that I am thankful for all of my days of innocence and I am still grateful for everyday that I am healthy and able to reminisce about the good old days.  I have a lot of gratitude for all the blessings and all the hard things I have endured over the years.

This year I turned 35 and I am at a point where I realize how amazing and how precious life truly is.  I value life, every life, from the smallest insect to the worlds tallest tree, every human and animal.  I have contemplated becoming vegetarian, vegan and even a raw vegan because of the love I have for the life on this planet and because of the worry I have for my own health.  I haven’t been able to commit to any type of diet change for longer than a few days.  I am weak, my willpower is almost non-existent.  I miss those days when I could live off of kool-aid and candy necklaces.

I have claimed that my 35th trip around the sun will be the best one yet.  This will be the year, of big change and the beginning of my revolution with my life.  I will no-longer be sitting on the side lines wondering what if?  I will not spend another day dreaming of my past and how I wish I could go back.  I am moving forward, I will create my best life, and live it out here transparent and raw, for all to see.


Salad Days


9 thoughts on “Salad Days

  1. Great blog post re:#blogging101.
    I am also 35, with 3 children, I worry about my own health but also that of my children growing up, 36 next year, where the years go I don’t know. Onwards and upwards. With 2 home based businesses I am going to push on for the rest of this year and make next year a year to remember, the good old days will always be there and will of course always be the good old days xx

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  2. Yes, always move forward! I too tried to be vegetarian and vegan and could only last for a short time. I used to berate myself as well, lack of discipline, no willpower… Until I came upon two discoveries: 1. while visiting a buddhist monastery I was told that even the monks have a hard time and sometimes go out for a burger! No one is perfect and 2. from Deepak Chopra and Intuitive eating I learned willpower is a social construct and not necessarily a real thing. Listen to your body, be kind to the world and do your best, that is all that can be done.

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  3. Happy Birthday and best wishes for an awesome year as you step out and try on some ways of living that bring you more health and joy. Listening to your body is not as easy as I thought, in fact thinking is what makes it a challenge sometimes. I thought I should eat vegetarian (and did for 5 years), but my body gave other signals and it took awhile to decipher them. Go for it, and let us know what you find out.


    1. Thank you. It is hard to listen to what your body is telling you and what society is telling you to do sometimes. Things are good, and only getting better from this end.


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